Athlete praised for coming out?

The media machine is in overdrive to praise college athlete, Michael Sam, as an example of courage for admitting that he prefers sex with men. Did we really need to know about his private sexual desires? I don’t want to know.

Even our President and First Lady were quick to publicly congratulate the athlete as an example of courage. While our military, who sacrifice greatly for our freedoms, receive form letters, a gay athlete gets personal tweets of praise! Is there something wrong with this picture? 

And, once again, those who take a different view on the morality of Michael Sam’s sexual lifestyle will be demonized as bigoted hate-mongers who belong to a Neanderthal fringe group of radical right-wing fundamentalist. I’ll personally expect the same barrage of emails accusing me of anything from being a closet homosexual to a Bible-thumping hater (who, as a pastor, should only be spreading love and acceptance). 

Some will even accuse me of keeping homosexuality in the news! This sad response has become so predictable that it strains credulity. The malicious plan behind it is to marginalize people like the Chic-fil-A and Duck Dynasty supporters as racists for turning out by the hundreds of thousands in support of traditional marriage. 

But this issue has absolutely nothing to do with race or civil rights battles for racial equality. Intelligent people see through the manipulation of falsely comparing the kind of sex people want with the racial identity of others. 

Imagine thirty years ago a reputable news agency giving headline attention to the courage of an athlete for telling the nation that he prefers sex with men. Of course, some would like us to believe that current knowledge should lead to a more progressive view of sexuality. Yet there’s not a bit of credible, compelling information to treat homosexual desire as an unalterable condition of birth. 

This is an agenda to exalt and normalize the kind of sex a person wants based on the absolute rule of individual desire. Yet it’s a disservice to society to remove sexuality from a category of human choosing based on creation of humanity as male and female. 

Perhaps some of my readers take the view that what people do sexually in the privacy of their lives is not anyone else’s business as long as it’s legal. Fair enough. Don’t splash it on the front page. If you take the privacy view, you should know that radical gay activists are determined to make their sexual desires your business by demanding your celebration of same-sex lifestyles.

I firmly reject all mistreatment of people who struggle with sexual or gender identity, but I also disagree with those who tell people God created them to be homosexual.   

Many years ago, a college student came to me for counseling about same-sex attraction. Other counselors encouraged him to accept his attraction as normal, as they way God made him. But he told me that he couldn’t accept it no matter how hard he tried. He also admitted that no matter how many laws or people supported homosexuality; it wouldn’t diminish his inner turmoil.

I refused to be one more cruel voice sending him off into hopelessness because I knew that when we live contrary to the way God made and planned for us to live, it’s actually a good thing for us to feel outside of that plan.

I recommended a compassionate alternative by encouraging this young man to come along side fellow strugglers who battle temptations in a context of grace and truth. I invited him to join others in discovering the freedom that can be found in living by Gods grace through His Spirit. Although my struggles are not the ones he experienced, I assured him that I also battle temptations because we all do.

Our Churches must work harder to become these kinds of communities of redemption and restoration and the gospel is “the power of God” (Romans 1:16) that will shape us into them.

Of course, at the end of the day, people are free (in every State of this nation) to pursue a homosexual lifestyle and to reject the validity of communities that believe in and encourage transformation from homosexual living.

No matter how many media groups and radical judges try to change society, the view I take here is the majority in our country and it’s also the view of true love and compassion for all people — without discrimination. 

Steve Cornell

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Just another worker in God's field.
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