4 concerns about the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate

1. That Ken Ham will use the term evolution carefully by at least distinguishing macro- from micro- evolution.

2. That Ken Ham will be careful in his use of scientific evidence and respectful of the work scientist do that is not about the issue of creation. The Bible was not written as science text-book.

3. That Ken Ham will not suggest that the Bible requires a specific age for the earth and wrongly imply that those who take an old earth view are rejecting the authority of the Bible.

4. That people won’t conclude that the choice is only between a young earth interpretation of the Bible and an atheistic view of evolutionary science. 

See: Confusing faith and science

Steve Cornell

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1 Response to 4 concerns about the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate

  1. Ruth Haydon says:

    I agree with your concerns. As a believer I have not come to a conclusion about how God created the earth, whether it is a young earth, or an old earth, etc., I feel that some people turn away from seeking Christ because Creationist seem anti science and modern ideas.

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