5 steps to discover spiritual gifts

Spiritual character is a priority over use of spiritual gifts.

The fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in the life of a believer should be evident in the use of all spiritual gifts.

  • This means that we should use our gift or gifts lovingly, joyfully, peacefully, patiently, kindly, generously, faithfully, gently and with self-control.

It is important for believers to know how God has gifted them. This knowledge will help them set goals that maximize their giftedness. It can also help in deciding the best opportunities for service. Knowing our spiritual gift or gifts will enable us to understand God’s will more clearly.

What are the steps to understanding our spiritual gift/s?

1. Awareness

An awareness of what the gifts of the Spirit are is basic to discovering our spiritual gifts. This entire study is designed to accomplish the step of awareness.

2. Prayer

Spiritual gifts are divinely given – not sought after but as we seek to understand the gifts God gave us, we must seek His guidance in the process. Ask God to help you know how He has gifted you and how you can use his gift/s in serving the body of Christ. 

3. Be filled with the Spirit

It would be a contradiction to desire to know and use your spiritual gift while ignoring the Spirit-filled life. Apart from the filling of the spirit, spiritual gifts are unable to be effective. (see: What does Spirit-filled mean?)

4. Practice

If we believe God has gifted us in the area of teaching, for example, we should look for opportunities to use the gift. Often we discover our gifts as we actively serve in various areas of the life of a local Church and hear from those who work with us.

5. Counsel

Those who know us well and have experience in ministry can be of considerable help in understanding how the Lord has gifted us. It’s helpful to seek the counsel of honest and reliable servants of the Lord. 

There also are a number of spiritual gifts test that are helpful when used in a context of godly counsel.

After prayer, serving and counsel, I am beginning to sense that God has gifted me to serve Christ’s body in the area of _____________________________________________.


When we understand how the Lord has gifted us, we should look to serve in that area to build up the church and glorify Him (1 Peter 4:10-11).

If we sense that we are gifted in an area that requires training, we should seek God’s direction to adequately prepare for service. Each member of the body of Christ should maximize their gifts to the fullest potential – to the glory of God.

Steve Cornell

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