Four warning signs for women

(From: When Women Lust, by Eowyn Stoddard)

We know when a man has sinned as he takes the body he wants through indulging in pornography or visiting a prostitute. But what does it look like for a woman to act out on her lust? She cannot take the body she desires to have, so what does she do? For the most part, her sin remains hidden. Still, there are some tell-tale signs of her sin, which I will describe in the first person because I struggle with this too.

Signs of Struggle

  1. Self-Pity – The first feeling lust produces in a woman is dissatisfaction with her own body. We have compared our body with someone else’s and fallen short. We imagine the other woman is sexier, more confident in herself, and overall better off. This leads us to self-pity.
  2. Insecurity – Feeling sorry for ourselves makes us feel insecure. We feel threatened in our own femininity and start worrying about our husband or fiancé or boyfriend finding a new woman more attractive. We transpose this subjective fear into reality. Because I am struggling with lust, I assume my man must be, so I fear our relationship is threatened anew with every new attractive woman we encounter.
  3. Criticism – We feel the need to put down other women. We rationalize our struggle by leveling the playing field in our own minds. The thinking goes like this: “Well, she may be very sexy, but she probably isn’t very intelligent,” or, “Her hair is perfect, but I’m sure glad I don’t have those legs.” We would never say anything cruel, but we think it to make ourselves feel better.
  4. Activism – If none of this makes us feel better, we embark on a never-ending cycle of self-improvement. We feel the need to regain ground because our place at the top has been threatened. This is a form of works-righteousness in which we attempt to prove to ourselves, the world around us, and ultimately even to God that we can change ourselves into our own image, the perfect one we’ve created, one we so desperately want to attain. We make new dietary resolutions, new and better workout plans, and buy new clothes and cosmetics so we can look sexier.

Let’s not waste precious time trying to be someone else. Being satisfied in God alone will make you and me irresistibly attractive women, inside and out, because his love will shine through us for the world to see.

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3 Responses to Four warning signs for women

  1. Colleen says:

    Does this mean we shouldn’t do things ever to improve our outward appearance? Would that not be right? I’m sure there is a line but how do we know if we’ve crossed it and gone too far?

    • Jon says:

      Improving your appearance isn’t inherently wrong, the question rather is why do you want to improve your appearance (and how you go about doing that). If you want to do it for your husband, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re doing it because you’re looking to get more love from him I’m afraid that may be a sign of other problems.
      -merely my take as a single unmarried young man.

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