7 Links to see

Here’s a look at seven retailers who are changing consumerism.

It’s often easier to learn how to be a better parent by observing and owning our mistakes. So as I’ve observed parenting (my own and others’) and tried to admit and learn from my mistakes, I’ve compiled a list of five tendencies Christian parents have. I hope it helps you think through your own parenting journey.

Racist and sexist attacks on women and minorities are acceptable, if the targets are conservative.

Stories of God’s Grace: Meet Derrick

Video testimony of the Lord’s redeeming and sanctifying work. “Nobody knows more than me that I have absolutely no right to be such a recipient of such grace.” —Derrick

Thinking about Thinking about Rap — Unexpected Thoughts over Thanksgiving

Over the past few days the evangelical community has been talking about the kinds of things you would expect — the meaning of Thanksgiving, the turn to the Christmas season, the fact that some stores were opening on Thanksgiving Day and the various issues of the season. And then came rap. Out of the blue, when least expected, the topic changed to rap and the Gospel.

Eastern Mennonite University trustees on same-sex relationships and employment

“… discussions within the broader Mennonite church on non-majority sexual orientations have been occurring for decades, including in such publications as the Mennonite World Review and The Mennonite and in Mennonite Church USA forums such as delegate sessions and district conference meetings.

Watch your political tone and Let’s keep dialogue real and civil

Two of my columns that appeared in the Sunday News of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They stirred a lot of interesting response. 

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