My night-time reading stack


My wife has long ago accepted being married to a man of books!

She has always been kind about my book issue. Although she has threatened to send me to bookaholics anonymous! But, from time to time, she collects little stacks of books throughout the house and encourages me to take them to my office. The problem is that my office shelves are full (and I gave 600 books to our church library recently).

I doubt this will be as big an issue for younger pastors with access to so many books via the internet. But most of my ministry years were pre-internet so the habit is formed.

Although I read a lot of on-line resources, there is still something special about picking up a book. The picture here is my night-time reading stack.

So much to read and so little time!

Steve Cornell

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1 Response to My night-time reading stack

  1. John Lofton says:

    Here’s reading list I put together…..

    John Lofton, Recovering Republican
    Director,The God And Government Project


    — “Institutes Of Biblical Law,” 3 volumes, by Dr. R.J. Rushdoony. Available from the Chalcedon Foundation,
    — “This Independent Republic” by Dr. Rushdoony, 1964.
    — “The Nature Of The American System” by Dr. Rushdoony, reprint, 2001.
    — “Political Sermons Of The Founding Era, 1730-1805”, 2 volumes, Liberty Fund, 1998.
    — “Law And Revolution: The Formation Of The Western Legal Tradition” (Harvard University Press, 1983) by Harold Berman, Story Professor Of Law and James Barr Ames Professor at Harvard Law School; 2 volumes.
    — “The Interaction Of Law And Religion” (Abingdon Press, 1974) by Harold Berman.
    — “The Myth of American Individualism: The Protestant Origins Of American Political Thought” (Princeton University Press, 1994) by Barry Alan Shain.
    — Four volumes by Daniel J. Elazar dealing with the “Covenant Tradition In Politics”: “Covenant And Polity In Biblical Israel;” “Covenant & Commonwealth: From Christian Separation Through The Protestant Reformation;” “Covenant & Constitutionalism: The Great Frontier And The Matrix Of Federal Democracy;” “Covenant And Civil Society;” all published by Transaction Publishers.
    — “The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition” by Willmoore Kendall, George Wescott Carey.
    — “The Character of the Good Ruler: A Study of Puritan Political Ideas in New England, 1630-1730” by T.H. Breen.
    — “The Founders On Religion: A Book Of Quotations” (Princeton University Press, 2005) by James Hutson, Chief, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.
    — “Forgotten Features Of The Founding: The Recovery Of Religious Themes In The Early Republic” (Lexington Books, 2003) by James Hutson.
    — “The Forgotten Founders On Religion And Public Life” (University of Notre Dame Press, 2009) edited by Daniel L. Dreisbach, Mark David Hall, Jeffrey H. Morrison.
    — “Religion And The American Mind :From The Great Awakening to the Revolution” (Harvard University Press, 1966) by Alan H. Heimert.
    — “With Liberty And Justice For All: Christian Politics Made Simple” (Chalcedon Media Ministries, 1995) by the Rev. Joe Morecraft III.
    — “The United States: A Christian Nation” (John C. Winston, 1905) by U.S. Supreme Court Justice David J. Brewer; reprint Atlanta, Ga. American Vision, 1996.
    — “God, Justice, And Society: Aspects Of Law And Legality In The Bible” (Oxford, 2011) by Jonathan Burnside.

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