Experiencing God’s Spirit

How would you respond to a fellow Christian who told you that he felt distant from God?

Our tendency might be to ask if he is having daily devotions or if he has allowed some sin in his life to hinder his fellowship with God.

But approaching him with this “to do” criteria could subtly invite him to build his walk with God on the wrong foundation. It could lead to the error that the believers in Galatia followed in New Testament times.

It could (in other words) undercut the place of the gospel and the role of the Holy Spirit by focusing on building life with God on laws and traditions. 

My message this past Sunday will help you avoid this error and lead you to the true source for doing life with God.

Click and listen: Experiencing God’s Spirit

Steve Cornell

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Just another worker in God's field.
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    What does it mean to experience the Holy Spirit in your life?


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