Relationship 101 Class

For more than 24 years, I’ve taught a class to help singles with one of the most important decisions of life: How to choose a mate.

We’ve had more than a thousand singles take this class! 

4 Bases of Attraction

  1. Looks
  2. Personality
  3. Common interests
  4. Shared beliefs, values, priorities and goals

Stages of relationships

Acquaintance > Friendship > Dating > Exclusive dating > Engaged > Married

A warning I give

The euphoria of love can move from delusional to dangerous when people are unwilling to see red flags.

In the resource notebook we give to each participant, I include an extensive lists of positive and negative qualities to consider. I also include a list of “must have” and “Cant stand” traits.

Primary adviceLet your head lead your heart

Let your head lead your heart when it comes to relationships. Use your brain! Don’t give your heart to anyone until your head has processed the necessary data to tell you that you are making a wise decision.

If you give your heart to a bad relationship and I try to talk your head out of it, no matter how much I might make sense, I will probably not be very successful.

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4 Responses to Relationship 101 Class

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  3. Jon says:

    Absolutely loved the recording! Will you put more up? It would be awesome if you did.

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