The President’s Speech

The President’s speech today was an unbelievable display of partisan posturing based on significant misrepresentations of why the government shut down.

It’s frankly a little scary to think that our leaders so boldly take us for fools.

What the President did was not an example of good leadership but of brazen and unmitigated personal and party promotion. And the manipulative use of health care for such bitter partisanship is despicable. I realize this happens all the time in politics, but this President has taken it to new levels. Please do not allow the smooth talk to deceive you.

Rather than delay the individual mandate, Obama and the Democrats chose to shut down government. Now millions will face penalties due to Obamacare. The so-called Affordable Care Act has been the source of widespread reduction to the work week from 40 hours to part time hours. ObamaCare has also been the most partisan legislation passed in this century.

I want honest efforts from our leaders to work together. The President and Democrats have resolutely and arrogantly refused to work in any way with the other side that would require the slightest concession.

The President publicly gives the impression that the only reason he won’t cooperate is because he must protect the poor people who don’t have health care from the angry Republicans who want to deny them care. What a deceptive distortion! Does he really believe that Americans are dumb enough to fall for such distortions? 

And today by slight of speech, the President actually blamed all the “crises” on a “small segment of Republicans.” He threw that in to move the heat off of himself for the crises that occurred under his watch. The level of deception is unbelievable.

An unbiased look at the President’s speech today will reveal that it was filled with calculated distortions of the facts for political advantage. I hope most Americans will refuse to be swayed by the smooth talk and lies. President Obama’s message has consistently been “do it my way or you’ll be hating on Americans and I will take every opportunity to make them see it this way.” But this “My way or the highway” attitude must stop. 

Where is the leadership we so badly need?

Steve Cornell

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2 Responses to The President’s Speech

  1. Ursula Carter says:

    While I agree with you; it would help to put some facts in your speech to put some authenticity to it. Thanks, Ursula Carter


  2. dyxxx says:

    Oh, did big bad Obama hurt your feelings? I’m so sorry. Maybe you aren’t cut out for politics. Or maybe you are…after all, you’ve done a pretty good job mangling the facts as well. Did Obama and the Democrats threaten to shut down (and eventually shut down) the government, or did the Republicans? The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. The Congress already passed it, the Supreme Court upheld it, and now, at the very last minute, these wackjobs attempting to curry favor with the far right wing have decided to shut down the government to make a statement. I understand everyone has a right to their opinion, but this ought to be a settled fight. Our country can not operate on such a dysfunctional level. Accept the loss, try to win the next election if you want to make changes.

    It’s politics as usual but it’s really bad politics. The GOP takes another step to the right, and in 2014, you can bet that they’ll lose more elections. Good Riddance.

    -Independent voter


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