American hypocrisy

In his speech on Syria, the President appealed to what he called his “friends on the left,” saying,

“I ask you to reconcile your belief in freedom and dignity for all people with those images of children writhing in pain, and going still on a cold hospital floor.  For sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough.” 

It strikes me as painfully hypocritical to argue for the safety of children from chemical attack in another country when (especially among those on the left) we fiercely defend the legal right to abort millions of babies in this country. 

In a country whose laws endorse the torture and dismembering of babies in their mother’s womb, how should our outcry be heard against another country who uses chemical weapons on their children?

 Steve Cornell

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3 Responses to American hypocrisy

  1. I so agree! Thank you for this post. Please check out my newest related blog post, constructive criticism much appreciated!

  2. bodycrimes says:

    Except that the children killed in Syria had families and friends who knew them personally. Who loved them for who they were, not for their potential. Who were connected through knowledge of their personhood in all its facets. In turn, those children were conscious beings who loved people they actually knew and who were on their way to developing their full potentials. That’s a long way from being a developing foetus without consciousness. The two are not comparable. The scale of tragedy of children gassed in their beds is without precedent and not to be mocked by facile comparisons.

    • No matter what title you use, the occupant of a mother’s womb is a human life with the potential of becoming a mature human being. Had they aborted the children who were gassed to death in Syria, they would have ended the life of a human being – one you define relationally. It’s sad that anyone would try to put a value scale on taking a human life. Have you ever researched what happens to a baby in an abortion? It is horrific! And the thought that a mother’s womb becomes a baby’s death chamber is unconscionable.

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