8 links to see

1. Former Syrian Soldier Describes Life in Army at the Start of War

What follows is the first-person account of a former Syrian Army sergeant who was imprisoned for protesting orders to shoot civilians.

2. Christians in Syria Will Pay If Assad Is Overthrown

“I think the Islamic rebels winning is a bad idea for the Christians. All of a sudden we’ll have another Islamic state where Christians are persecuted,” said Rand.

3. Urgent: Arab Christians Speak Up About Syria

“…. a major consensus among the Christian leaders in the region that any military intervention by the United States will have a detrimental effect on the situation, particularly for Christians in Syria.”

4. Understanding the present situation in Egypt

Many of us involved in Christian ministry in Egypt are appalled at the misunderstandings about the situation in Egypt being propagated by even normally balanced international media, and the way it has, in general, portrayed the Muslim Brotherhood as the victims of injustice.

5. The Entire History of the World—Really, All of It—Distilled Into a Single Gorgeous Chart

Could world history really be placed on a single chart? Check out this amazing histomap.

6. Bakery Owners Close Doors, Keep Faith

“It’s a sad day for Christian business owners, Aaron Klein told Fox News’ Todd Starnes, “and it’s a sad day for the First Amendment.  The LGBT attacks are the reason we are shutting down the shop. They have killed our business through mob tactics.”

7. An Eternal Perspective: An Interview with Randy Alcorn

 I grew up without Christ and without the church. When I was in high school, I attended a church to see a girl I’d met. But God can use even our wrong motives for his right purposes. (In fact, that girl became my wife years later.)

8. A Single Hope

When you think about it singlenesss is a funny thing. We are all born single and at least half of us will die single but often those who are single wonder how they got there. Some who are single feel they’re too young to settle down while others may feel they are too old to be alone. When people get older they start to ask questions like “what is wrong with me? Why does no one want me…?”

As a 32 year old single man, who had to do some thinking about it recently I thought I would share some thought that others found helpful and hopefully it will help me clarify some of my thinking.

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