Freedom is impossible without limits

The culture of America is threatened by our demand for freedom without limits.

Our obsession with equal rights has created an entitlement mentality that is threatening the very freedom we think we deserve.

As one example of this entitlement attitude, our greatest problem is not the number of illegal immigrants living here, most of whom are working very hard to find a better life. We should be far more concerned about the large numbers of legal citizens who refuse to work and actually think that everyone else owes them a free ride through life. 

Let me be very clear that I am not talking about those who genuinely need assistance but about the hundreds of thousands who are taking advantage of the system and have the audacity to claim an entitlement to the hard-earned tax dollars of working citizens. The current administration operates as an irresponsible parent who enables this sense of entitlement. 

Another example is the demand of a tiny percentage of citizens for our nation to reject the long-held understanding of marriage as meant for a man and a woman. This is being demanded under the notion of equal rights for all. Some are even trying to make it a civil right rooted in nature. Rights and entitlements are demanded without limits. How far can a society take this notion before it implodes? 

“In our limitless selfishness, we have tried to define ‘freedom’ as an escape from all restraint.” (Ken Myers, Mars Hill).

But we will never escape the fact that humans were created as dependent beings meant to flourish within creaturely limits. From the beginning, God set boundaries for life. When our original parents chose to live outside of those boundaries, they experienced the ultimate kind of limitation – death. This explains much of the sad side of the human story (see: Romans 5:12). 

In our delusional effort to escape life under authority, we’ve rejected limitations and boundaries – preferring self-rule over submission to divine authority. Our irrational bid for autonomy has produced a kind of bondage to corruption that could become the destruction of our existence. 

“We are free not merely because we can choose, but only when we choose well. For to choose poorly, through folly or malice, in a way that thwarts our nature and distorts our proper form, is to enslave ourselves to the transitory, the irrational, the purposeless, the (to be precise) subhuman” (David B. Hart, Atheist Delusions).

Steve Cornell

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