The sensuous Christian

What is a sensuous Christian?


“The sensuous Christian is one who lives by his feelings rather than through his understanding of the Word of God. The sensuous Christian cannot be moved to service, prayer or study unless he ‘feels like it.’ His Christian life is only as effective as the intensity of present feelings.”

“When he experiences spiritual euphoria, he is a whirlwind of Godly activity; when he is depressed, he is a spiritual incompetent. He constantly seeks new and fresh spiritual experiences and uses them to determine the Word of God. His ‘inner feelings’ become the ultimate test of truth.”

“The sensuous Christian goes his merry way until he encounters the pain of life that is not so merry and he folds. He usually ends up embracing a kind of ‘relational theology’ (that most dreadful curse on modern Christianity) where personal relationships and experience take precedence over the Word of God. If Scripture calls us to action that may jeopardize a personal relationship, then Scripture must be compromised. The highest law of the sensuous Christian is that bad feelings must be avoided at all cost” (by R. C. Sproul, Knowing Scripture, pp. 26-27). 


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  4. I really like this perspective. However, I do also want to remind us that God created our feelings too in order to give us natural indicators in certain situations and circumstances allowing us to protect ourselves and / or stand and fight. In other words, although I agree that we cannot go by feelings alone, feelings should not be stuffed down and ignored only to resurface in bitterness, anger, and pride. Even Jesus wept.


  5. I am not understanding how scripture could “jeopardize” a relationship when God is in the restoration business? How could “love one another” jeopardize a personal relationship? Usually we jeopardize a relationship because we are using scripture to point out someone’s wrong when we have yet to love them as Christ would love us in all our sin. Instead of leading them in love first we lead them with condemnation and we wonder why the relationship failed. Before a house can be restored, the demolition of certain rooms must take place. This can be a very messy and time consuming process. Just like “bad” feelings”, the rooms must be taken apart and destroyed before the restoration can take place. So shouldn’t “bad feelings” be welcomed and brought out into the light of God’s love so that restoration can take place? The only thing compromised in scripture is when we ignore that there is not condemnation in Christ.


    • While I appreciate your general point, there are many ways one could compromise the requirements of Scripture to please people instead of God and “keep the peace.” Much of our NT focuses on threats from false teaching and false teachers. Take the requirements like Romans 16:17-18 or the situation in I Corinthians 5. Consider the possibilities related to II Corinthians 6:14ff.


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