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Will Obamacare turn out to be a complete disaster and seriously damage to the underlying health system? It doesn’t look good from any perspective.

“….a mystery that’s been building the further our probes and telescopes have pushed into the unknown. If Earth-like planets are relatively common, as scientists increasingly believe, then where are all the Earth-like civilizations?

“… the fact that Bush probably can’t hope to rise above “below average” in the nation’s memory doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve to be reconsidered.”

“… the shadow of my sorrow clings to me, wraps around me like windless sheets. Seeing myself with these friends, but without Denise and Shannon revealed that painful truth to me. What I am getting used to is the new normal, but in the new normal, I’m not normal.”

When you’re a public figure like California megachurch pastor, Rick Warren, it’s hard to suffer privately. When the Warrens’ youngest son, Matthew, 27, ended his suffering from mental illness by taking his life, countless news agencies and bloggers reported and analyzed their loss. 

Steve Cornell

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