A Bipartisan Recommendation

Whether we’re talking about gun legislation or anything else, more government control is exactly what we don’t want. Our government has a proven track record of waste and mismanagement. Until they demonstrate responsible and accountable leadership, we should not turn anything else over to their control. How many freedoms are we willing to surrender to a government that can’t even manage itself? 

Democratic and Republican politicians alike should be required to prove that they can be responsible managers before turn anything else over to their leadership. Let’s unite on a message to Washington that says, “Don’t come asking for any more of our money or any more authority or control until you can demonstrate responsible use of what we’ve already given to you.” You’ve broken our trust too many times to ask for more of it. 

“We won’t be deceived by the rhetoric of compassion or the divisiveness of pitting Congress against the White House. This is not a one party problem. This is not a failure of only one branch of government. We won’t be sidetracked by debates over gun control, marriage or anything else. Don’t ask for more of anything until we can trust you with what you’ve already taken.” 

Our economy is in the tank and those who are responsible are trying to avoid accountability as they continue the mismanagement and outright abuse of what we’ve entrusted to them. 

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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