Great opportunities; limited resources


Sometimes I feel like the title of this post has been my reality for the past 30 years of pastoral ministry.

I realize that God provides and I’ve witnessed some of His amazing provisions! But my heart is always reaching toward more ways to minister to the great needs in the lives of people. I’ll mention another opportunity in a moment.

But, on a personal level, those who work with me have consistently encouraged me to be more willing to let people know where they can give toward the needs of ministry. I admit that it’s an area where I’ve not been very comfortable. It’s not that I am unwilling to speak about needs when necessary. I think it’s more of an effort to avoid confirming a common impression that the Church is all about money. Yet I’ve even been told that I’ve possibly risked being silent to a fault.

I also realize that God has given some individuals a special ability to make more money than others. And many of these people enjoy giving to good causes. I have plenty of friends who are millionaires but I go to every effort to treat them like all my other friends. Even though I am in a far different financial category, by God’s grace, I’ve refused to allow money to effect our friendships. I try very hard to relate to people without partiality (even though, I know I have failed on occasions). 

In the past week, I became familiar with a ministry opportunity that could have a multitude of beneficial works connected with it. Although I don’t currently feel comfortable going into the details in this forum, I can say that it would involve acquisition of an amazing property that is ready made (and properly zoned) for a variety of great purposes. I am certain that the large property and many buildings would cost several millions of dollars but I also believe that God could put it on the hearts of some individuals to make this possible. 

Now it might seem strange that I post about this but I am simply putting action behind my prayers and stepping out of my comfort zone to make it known. I feel confident that most of those who read this blog could not respond to such a large need but I know for sure that each one could pray.

Perhaps, however, in the providence of God, someone will come across this post who has the kind of resources needed. If this happens, I could share more of the details with individuals. Please pray with me about this opportunity. 

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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