God told me


It sounds very spiritual for someone to say, “God led me,” or “God told me,” but I am a bit suspicious of a person who implies that she has a line of direct communication from God. 

I am even more cautious when no one else affirms what the person offers as the voice of God. God has been blamed for far too many foolish and irresponsible things by people who confuse their inverted pride with God’s will. 

I caution believers against allowing inner impressions to lead them as a final voice from God. The potential for subjective, self-serving, misguided or even Satanic influences is strong.  God works in the whole person: intellect, emotion and will. God uses conscience to restrain and protect us. But intellect, emotion, will, conscience and all inner impressions must be yielded to the objective truth of Scripture. It is futile to debate another person’s claims to spiritual feelings or inner impressions, but we can evaluate the outcomes of those experiences based on objective considerations.

I advise you to be a good and obedient student of Scripture rather than your feelings. This is the path for flourishing in God’s will (Deuteronomy 8:3-5; Psalm 1; 19:7-11; 119; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Steve Cornell

* For an intriguing perspective from a non-orthodox Jew, see: The Bible vs. the Heart

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2 Responses to God told me

  1. Elliot Morrison says:

    Well done Steve. It takes courage to stand up for scriptural truth, particularly against the very vocal ‘God told me’, ‘I am so spiritual’ brigade.

    Keep the faith,


  2. DM says:

    Even in those situations where I think I have a pretty good sense of God’s leading on a situation, I always preface it with…”I could be wrong”..so no way would I ever put the decision making process of my life under the final authority of some charismatic leader. (I’m using that word charismatic, more in the general sense of the word/ not the speaking in tongues variety of Christian)

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