10 Columns from the Sunday News


I’ve written monthly columns for our Sunday News in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for almost 20 years. The paper currently has a readership of 250,000 per week. Most of these columns were designated, “Matters of Faith.”

Recently I was invited to take a new assignment of writing a political column that appears twice a month. My inbox has been far more active since accepting this challenge.

The 10 columns below are samples of the new column.

   1. Obama’s stand on guns a mistake

Feb 24, 2013

Whatever drives the focus on gun control, the Democrats are making a serious political …

2. Liberals as independents?

Feb 10, 2013 

This is a plea for civility and sanity among brave liberals and progressives. It’s time for many of them to break the silence and oppose the tone changes and agendas in their party. They have good reasons to be concerned about the reputation of their side of politics.
The old vision of being known …

Jan 27, 2013 

I was a little surprised when my African-American friend’s Facebook status read: “As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and the second inauguration of our president, I am proud that America has elected a black president. However, I still dream of the day when I will be proud of the black preside…

Jan 13, 2013 

I was surprised by some of the responses to my last column: “A gift for my ‘liberal’ friends.” Admittedly, I used a bit of casual humor to expose some important facts, but one reader called it “incendiary screed.” He was perplexed as to why I would “publish something as ugly and demeaning as this …

Dec 23, 2012 

I thought it would be nice to give my liberal friends a Christmas gift (sorry, holiday gift). The first thing that came to mind was a new label. I am not very comfortable with “liberal.” It just seems, well, too liberal. I don’t like “loons on the left,” even though I know a few.

Dec 09, 2012

After many years of writing a monthly faith-focused column for the Sunday News, the editor invited me to write bimonthly political columns. This was partly driven by the idea that I could offer readers perspective that would “balance out” the voice of Gil Smart. He generates the most reader response..

Nov 25, 2012

I still recall the over-the-top grieving of some of my friends when George W. Bush beat John Kerry in 2004. It resembles some of the current responses to Obama’s re-election. “Winning an election doesn’t just offer the chance to govern the country,” wrote New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. “

Nov 11, 2012 

Like most Americans, I am glad to move beyond a relentlessly negative election season. We’ve been pounded with endless ads portraying Barack Obama as a promise-breaker and failed president and depicting Mitt Romney as a wealthy and heartless corporate figure, out-of-touch with the common man. Obama ..

Oct 28, 2012 

I entered a new phase of life this year. I am officially a grandfather! I now have a granddaughter and a grandson. It’s amazing how perspective changes with new phases. Although I’ve always been concerned about the direction of our country, the intensity of these concerns increases as I think about …

Oct 14, 2012 

The current political atmosphere in the USA is an embarrassing example of a failure to promote the true virtue of tolerance. I am sure this indictment sounds a little strange because, for decades, much of public education and mainstream media have emphasized and promoted tolerance.

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