A question from my homosexual boss


A university student who attended our Church during college, contacted me with an important question: 

“See earlier today, my boss at work called me into his office to discuss something work related, and somehow we wound up changing the subject and talked for an hour or more about the bible. He had a million questions and was fascinated about what I was telling him because he never fully heard the gospel before. The main topic of discussion was homosexuality because he is gay – that is what he brought up. We focused on what the bible says about homosexuality and how God views all sin and I really emphasized the purpose why Jesus came and died on the cross. However he has a big concern that he simply doesn’t understand, and I didn’t know how to answer it. He questions that if God is all loving, and all powerful then why did he make him Gay at a very young age. I didn’t quite know how to answer that because he believes he was born gay – didn’t have a choice because all his life he had attraction towards men.”

“I almost picture that question as being as if someone asked why does God allow sin to happen.”

“I was hoping you could shed some insight on that. We had a great conversation, and he thoroughly enjoyed learning my views and what the bible teaches. But he is concerned about that question. He doesn’t get that if God is all loving then why did he allow for him to be gay? I feel like I should know the answer but I don’t. Anyway any help about clarifying this would be greatly appreciated.”

My suggested answer

“Great opportunity and great question.” 

“Imagine answering your boss this way: I think your concern about this matter first goes back to the question of whether there is a God or not. If there is a God and he is our personal Creator, then we should ask, ‘Does God have a plan or will for how we were meant to live?'”

“If the Bible is giving us an accurate picture of things, then there is a God and he is our personal creator.”

“Looking at the way God set things up, we learn in the Bible that he made humans as unique beings in His image — both male and female. This is special because it speaks to our value and dignity.  God also revealed that his will for sexual relationships was originally male and female. It appears that his intention was for a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman since it says that the two (ale and female) become one.”

“Now we know (and I know personally in my life) that we often don’t live up to God’s standards. For example, God’s will is that sex should be reserved for marriage and as a single guy, I face significant temptations not to follow God’s plan. We also know that most married men find it hard to be sexually faithful to their wives – if not actually – at least in their minds. So I struggle to meet God’s standards and being a Christian doesn’t mean that my struggles disappear.

“Now if I assume that God had my best interests in mind when he set up the marriage relationship than I realize that my desire not to follow his plan is not only a violation of His will, but ultimately bad for me and those who are affected by my life.”

“So I am giving you examples of one way that we can be tempted to deviate from the original plan. Now what does this say about homosexual relationships and desires? Well, I think it says the same thing as it says to me about my heterosexual desires. Obviously the plan is one woman and one man in a relationship of oneness. Because we are fallen beings who disobey our Creator’s plan for us, by nature, we battle desires that conflict with that plan.”

“Should we let the desires define who we are or should we fight the desires and pursue our Creator’s plan?”

“Well, I guess this depends on how we choose to think about the narrative in the bible revealing God as Creator.”

I encouraged him to leave it at this and try to pick the talk up later and lead the conversation to the gospel through a personal testimony about his own efforts to live by God’s will.

Student’s response:

“Wow! That is tight! Pastor Steve.”

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4 Responses to A question from my homosexual boss

  1. bearprint says:

    So it would be god’s will that the man remain lonely and celibate for the rest of his life, or force himself to be with a woman and get married and heterosexual sex?

    And for him to be in a committed, monogamous relationship, and get married to a man (if it’s legal where he is) would be sinful?

    Is it sinful because they can’t procreate?

    And if so, would marriage between to elderly people, an infertile couple, or those who simply do not want children be equally sinful? Should those sort of marriages be illegal?

  2. Dinah C. says:

    the problem is, Bearprint, you are looking at it completely from a homosexual point of view – as if Christians discriminate wholly and solely against homosexuals ….. and that is not true!

    Any reading of the Bible which seeks to know God’s will as opposed to how most of us read it (myself included i.e. looking for loopholes), comes to the conclusion that God’s plan for sex was in the context of committed, monogamous relationship between a man and a woman.

    So what does this mean for those of us who are not homosexual but who cannot find a man (or a woman) who wants to marry, or if we do get married – gets up and leaves (have you seen the divorce statistics?) ….

    For us too, it means a celibate lifestyle !!!! … and it may be that it is lonely too.

    Back in the old days, we used to have friends – does every relationship have to involve sex? … it was not always so.

    my 2 cents worth

  3. RGB Rao says:

    ~ Good post. I also want to add one thing that I recently re-read a few days ago. Its also worth taking a look at str.org ‘s publication, Solid Ground. The July 2013 issue is titled “Nature or Nurture”. After reading it, I not too long after by chance watched the anime, Lupus Garou (sp?) which is a Japanese secular movie. The anime surprisingly illustrated the dynamic described in the STR article.

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