The best way to understand the world

Christian worldview offers the most logically consistent and plausibly realistic understanding of life.

Christian worldview does the best job explaining the world we encounter each day. It offers the best explanatory frame for the most extensive range of evidence in the world and in the human spirit. 

It speaks in deeply satisfying ways to shared human intuitions about meaningful and hopeful existence. It specifically addresses universal human needs regarding matters like love, forgiveness and peace.

After years of extensive research, I cannot find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as what I find in Christianity. 

This doesn’t mean that I find everything easy to understand and explain because of Christianity. Life is painfully complicated and some things don’t seem to make sense. (see: When evil doesn’t make sense).

Even parts of the Bible are difficult to comprehend. Some biblical passages are written in cryptic prose; others are hard to comprehend on an emotional level. Some of what is written is beyond the reach of finite minds. 

Yet none of this necessarily calls into question the truthfulness and profound relevancy of the primary message of Scripture — the gospel of Jesus Christ — the great message that, “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16)

For an overview of a Christian worldview, see here and here.

Steve Cornell

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4 Responses to The best way to understand the world

  1. wm brown says:

    This is basically why I became a Christian (converting from a rather staunch and evangelistic “scientific logical positivism”, at age 15). Christianity offered the most rationally satisfying answers to the big questions that were plaguing me and keeping me awake (often in despair) at night. After almost 40 years now of further life experience, my work as a physician, and intense reading and discussion with members of all religions, I am more convinced than ever of the veracity of the Christian claims.

    –Wm. Francis Brown MD

    Forest, VA

    • With you on this! I have tried very hard to be honest and open about other ways of seeing the world and my life. I cannot find an alternative that doesn’t involve significant deficiencies.

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