Martin Luther King Jr. Day


I am grateful to live in a country that is far different because of bold leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. Yet our honor for the fearless leadership of a man who was willing to put everything on the line for a costly battle for human rights is sadly overshadowed by commemoration of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

We grieve the loss of more than 50 million precious lives over the past 40 years of so-called “abortion rights.”

Let us pray that our president would be inspired by the courage, boldness and sacrifice of Martin Luther King Jr. to stand in the great tradition of those who against all odds opposed oppression and violence.

Those who value all human life appeal to you, Mr. President, to promote policies that end the horrors being unleashed on the precious lives of unborn citizens.

We need laws that compassionately help the women facing unplanned pregnancies and protect the lives of their babies.

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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