Speaking to four countries in one location

Imagine presenting a Christian worldview to people from four different countries in one location only twenty minutes from your home. I had the privilege of doing just this today.

In a large Christian high school in our area, I taught two classes of students from China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. The School has more than 100 students from these countries. Only 3 students in the classes I taught said they had read the bible or heard teaching about Jesus before coming to the US. Most of them view belief in God as something more for old people.

After telling them a bit of my personal story, I explained the differences between

    • Atheism
    • Agnosticism
    • Theism

I then established a case for belief in an intelligent design as the most plausible way to understand the world and as the only rational option. We talked about why we attribute uniqueness to human beings and the basis for a morally ordered world. We also talked about the problems of good and evil and the certainty of death.

Finally I asked, “Why Jesus?” “Why not Buddha, Allah or the many gods of Hinduism, etc…?” I made a case for Jesus Christ and God’s offer of forgiveness and eternal salvation as an undeserved gift of His grace.

I gave each student a folder with resources to better understand a Christian worldview and the gospel.

The students were respectful and a few participated by answering questions. The teacher (my Chinese neighbor of many years) said I may come in any time and teach for him. I hope to come back soon. Please pray for these students and for me as I share in this great privilege to go to four countries in a twenty minute drive from my home.

Steve Cornell

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Just another worker in God's field.
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