A great opportunity!

In about an hour, I will be teaching two high school classes made up entirely of international students (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese) on why I hold a Christian worldview. We are also currently host parents to three Chinese boys for the school year. What an amazing opportunity! Please pray for me! There will be language, cultural and generational obstacles. 

My Chinese neighbor of 16 years is their teacher and has offered me an open door to teach these classes. I’ll do my best to post some of my resources later today with an update on how things went. 

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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2 Responses to A great opportunity!

  1. Elliot Morrison says:

    Hi Steve,

    What a great opportunity. As a former teacher and education leader in Scotland you have chosen wisely to explain why you hold a Christian world view, rather than blundering in to evangelise. In this way you will undoubtedly be asked back and in that way can begin to build relationships with both students and staff. I’ll be supporting you in prayer.

  2. bbrown1 says:

    I’ll keep this in prayer Steve.

    These are fortunate kids!


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