From joy to hostility in three years?

When I perform a wedding (over 150), I always look at the groom when the bride enters the door. What a joy to see their joy! (see some examples here).

When I teach a class for singles each fall semester (for 20 years now), I always ask why it is that 200,000 marriages in America end before reaching their 3rd Anniversary. How does a couple go from the joy of celebration to the hostility of divorce in this short time?

We invest a good bit of time answering this question and it proves enlightening for the singles and hopefully serves to protect them from such tragedy. I remind singles that it’s one thing to “be” in love with someone; it’s another to love someone for life.

The difference between being in love and behaving in love must be understood (see resources below for explaining this distinction).

Steve Cornell

Short audio clips:

Resources for helping singles:

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    thanks for the articles!


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