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For about 15 years, I’ve produced daily and weekend radio features. I don’t get paid to do these programs but nor do I have to pay for the radio time.

The 90 second daily programs (Focus on the Church) and 2 minute weekend features (Take 5 with Pastor Steve) air on WJTL,  a powerful contemporary Christian station that reaches many thousands of listeners. We are amazed at the reach of the station based on listener responses to our offer of free resources!

When I first began, I had to go into the station to record a “batch” of programs. Once we had better technology, I recorded from my office and delivered programs to the station on CDs. More recently, I simply record and email programs to the station from my desktop.

When I began radio, I wondered how much could be said in 90 seconds. I was amazed! Listen to a few samples and let me know what you think. I’ve always tried to offer substantive content and we often offer free resources to those who call.

To the chagrin of a few, my belief in the effectiveness of 90 seconds hasn’t persuaded me to shorten my sermons at Church. 🙂 

With all the time and effort I’ve invested into radio, I’ve always wished for an ability to share some of the clips more widely and more often. I am pleased to be able to do this through my blog.  The new page Radio Clips is the start of this offer. I welcome feedback from any listener as I am limited in my technical skills. If you know of a way to share some of the clips with others, please let me know. I’ve produced these programs out of devotion to the Lord and His truth — not for any personal gain. Nevertheless, I am pleased to make them available for others to share. 

Thank you so much for being part of Wisdomforlife! You are appreciated!

Steve Cornell

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