“The government should pay….”

If we hope to move forward in fixing our national problems, we’ll have to stop using the phrase, “The government should pay for…” and instead say, “You and I should pay for…”

When you say: “The government should pay for XYZ”, instead say: “You and I should pay for XYZ.” See if this changes your opinion!

Government doesn’t give you anything unless it first takes it from you. The way politicians get money is to take it from taxpayers.

We need politicians who will stop using our money to make themselves appear to be compassionate toward the needy. Only the naive and gullible fall for politicians who use other people’s money to appear compassionate. Unless, of course, you’re the one receiving the money that makes them look compassionate. In that case, if you promote their form of so-called compassion, you’re a co-conspirator in their schemes.

Check each politicians personal records of charitable giving before giving any of them credit for compassion.

We also need an informed discussion and a much better definition of what it means to be needy.

Steve Cornell

“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it” (former president, Ronald Reagan).

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1 Response to “The government should pay….”

  1. wm brown says:

    Marvin Olasky”s “The Tragedy of American Compassion” addresses these points very well. It was an eye-opener for me when I read it as a teen. It’s amazing how well the local level of neighbor, church, family, and small town civic organization will quickly fill in and truly meet the deepest material and spiritual needs, but only to the extent that that great destroyer of souls, the nanny government gets out of the way. Olanksy addresses these themes in some detail in this and his other books.
    Of course, Tocqueville’s “Democacy in America” should be mandatory reading for every American. Is it any wonder that government ‘schools’ took it off the standard curriculum (along with ‘The Federalist Papers”)?

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