When eyes turn green with envy

Envy, Jealousy, or Covetousness: What Is the Difference? - OwlcationAlthough found in every culture, envy is one of the more vicious sins of the human heart. It’s an ancient evil that traces back to the first created beings. It brought heartache in the first family and was a prelude of the heart to the first act of homicide (Genesis 4).

Fueled by ingratitude and discontentment, envy vandalizes joy and corrupts joyful community. It’s a surveying spirit of resentment with lethal potential for hatred. Someone suggested that envy is a venom whose anti-venom is hard to find. 

As it intensifies, envy targets its object and desires to destroy it. An envious person doesn’t merely covet what another has; he resents him for having it.

The envious person wants to see you fall; to see you lose; to see you suffer. Envy is evil and vicious, yet it ultimately destroys the person who relishes in it.

“Envy rots the bones, but a heart at peace gives life to the body” (Proverbs 14:30).

Let our hearts be warned. Turn to freedom giving antidotes of praise, gratitude, and honoring others. These habits give peace and life. 

Steve Cornell

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