Good review for life and ministry

Much of what I write is for encouraging good and godly lives and truth-based relationships. Another prominent theme I write about is worldview. Here are a few links I always need to review in my life and ministry:

Reality check on sexual temptation

The sight of a beautiful woman has special power to hold men captive. The atmosphere changes when a good-looking lady enters a room full of men. This will always be the case and it’s not entirely wrong. God designed a natural attraction between the sexes. It’s a universal reality and arguably essential to our survival. But what is natural is easily perverted in the hearts and hands of fallen people. Attraction degenerates into lust and leads to sexual immorality. People get hurt.

7 daily reminders for gospel-centered life

Preach the gospel to yourself every day with seven truths that take us deeply into God’s grace.

Instruments of godly sorrow

When the people we love are destroying their own lives and hurting those around them, we must be willing to confront. If we let them continue without saying a word, we show a profound lack of love for them and for those affected by them.

Confrontation is a difficult task but often a non-negotiable step for those who care about the well-being of others. Yet how many of us are willing to confront when we know that it’s needed but not welcomed. Are we willing to be instruments of godly sorrow? Do we care enough to confront?

How can I walk in God’s will? (12 requirements)

Knowing and doing the will of God matters to those who know God.  If it does not matter to you, you do not know God. But how to know God’s will is much more challenging. If God doesn’t choose to speak audibly to us (and I have never heard such a voice), how can we follow Him?

Divine Sovereignty and Human responsibility

Welcome to a subject that has both intrigued and confused those who know what the Bible teaches about it. Divine sovereignty and human responsibility are revealed truths but not truths that are completelyaccessible to finite minds. As I invite you to contemplate these great truths, I pray it will draw you to worship the One who is, who was and who is to come, the Almighty!

Are the Pharisees still among us?

What comes to your mind when you hear the wordPharisee? A self-righteous person? A religious hypocrite? A haughty and arrogant legalist? To most people, it conveys something negative. The Pharisees are primarily remembered as antagonists against Jesus. Yet, in all fairness, they had a noble beginning long before the days of Jesus’ earthly life.

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