A choice between two worldviews

Worldview 1There is no God

If there is no personal Creator, our existence is most certainly a cosmic accident. We exist by chance, not by design or purpose. We exist in a deterministic universe governed by raw natural selection. And, if this is an accurate accounting for our existence, several facts follow:

1. Notions of ultimate meaning are based on wishful thinking and irrational fantasy. Discussions about such notions are themselves unexpected. We should not expect people to look for meanings beyond survival in this life.

2. There is no ultimate morality; no right or wrong; no transcendent morality. On this version of reality, morals are simply matters of personal or societal opinion. The so-called problem of evil cannot be addressed and cannot (on rational grounds) really be called a problem. We should not expect people to pursue such things.  

3. Death is both the irreversible cessation of organismic functioning and the irreversible loss of personhood. There is no hope of anything outside of this life. We should not expect people to seek the transcendent or eternal.

Problem: Humans everywhere throughout all of history know (intuitively) and live in a way contrary to this version of life. 

Worldview 2There is a God

If, on the other hand, there is a Creator, a personal God who made us male and female in His own image, then at least three truths follow:

1. Life has value, meaning and dignity beyond the limitation of human opinion. We should expect to see people seeking value and meaning.

2. Personal identity, human freedom and responsibility become genuine markers of our existence. We have been endowed by our Creator with these qualities. We should expect to see people pursue these realities. 

3. The transcendent (which we intuitively recognize) elevates us out of the despair of human relativism and the limitations of human inquiry. We should expect to see people reach toward the transcendent and eternal.

Steve Cornell

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