7 Links worth seeing


Evangelical Leaders Call for Immigration Reform

As evangelical Christian leaders, we call for a bipartisan solution on immigration that:

• Respects the God-given dignity of every person
• Protects the unity of the immediate family
• Respects the rule of law
• Guarantees secure national borders
• Ensures fairness to taxpayers
• Establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and who wish to become permanent residents

We urge our nation’s leaders to work together with the American people to pass immigration reform that embodies these key principles and that will make our nation proud.

Life in a Romanian Orphanage: “A Mixture of Excrement and Open Wounds”

The children were emaciated because they were never given solids, only soup. They were strapped in cots. In one room there must have been 40, all banging their heads on the walls. They were naked and filthy.

Together for Adoption

An open letter to Sam Harris

When I heard these words, I had to stop and hit replay. You didn’t really say that, did you? Surely, this is hyperbole for the sake of impact!

Church Signs of the Week

I get it. Words get misspelled all the time. That’s why editors have jobs. Unfortunately, churches typically don’t have editors around when putting up the messages on their signs. Maybe some of them should look into it, though, particularly if it will be in concrete.

5 Ways to Reduce Conflict in Your Church

You will get more done in your ministry by enlisting the help of others. God never intended for you to handle all the ministry at your church by yourself.

But that also means you must work to keep your congregation as conflict free as possible. Here are five ways to confront conflict, suggested by Paul in Philippians 2 –

5 Guidelines for a good marriage

Leading a growing ministry and parenting a busy family tested us beyond imagination. Sometimes we wonder how we survived those years. How did our marriage withstand the tests of life and ministry?

Maintaining a strong marriage required some basic relationship commitments. Five specific commitments have helped us to stay on course.

Steve Cornell

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