A crusading news media

Most Americans know that mainstream media has become a vehicle of propaganda. It’s painfully obvious that many reporters and commentators are so deeply entrenched in the worldview they prefer that they report and comment in ways aimed at promoting their way of seeing things.

Truth and reality are what they want it to be or hope it to be.

They repeatedly ignore facts or selectively slant data to conform it to the world they want to believe in. These news people are straining to convince themselves of alternate realities in the face of clear evidence to the contrary. 


“There is zero chance that anything that reflects negatively on gay culture or the gay experience will be aired in the mainstream news media.”

“Ten years ago, at the height of the Catholic sex abuse scandal, a liberal journalist friend and I were talking about what people would not allow themselves to think or to say about the scandal’s roots. I told him that among the Catholic right, it was impermissible to say that the culture of celibacy might have something to do with it. He told me that among liberal Catholics, it was not permitted to talk about the role of gay male cliques in the priesthood in perpetuating the scandal.”

“Of course we both knew that in the mainstream media, it was common — and, let me say, appropriate — to critically examine the institution of celibacy, and how it may or may not have helped to create a culture of sex and secrecy.

“But among the media, you were not to discuss homosexuality in relation to the scandal, except to point out that it had nothing at all to do with the molestation, and those who said that it did were just outright bigots.”

(from: Rod Dreher)

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7 Responses to A crusading news media

  1. Well, Steve, attraction to adults is different from attraction to children, and most people can tell the difference.

    Tell me, Steve, is Faux News “mainstream media”? I would disagree that it was a serious channel, or a news channel- it is nutty propaganda- but I would have thought you would think it news.

    What I really dislike about this, Steve, is your whining victim mentality. “Oh, we are persecuted, the evil liberals and the evil gays are persecuting us.” And all you ever wanted to do was call gay people abominable, and say that they were damned sinners, and drive their parents from the Church if their parents saw them after they came out, and call them child abusers. Who could object to that?

    So, Steve, what do you think is the Christian response? What would Jesus do? What does Love ask of you? To start a dialogue, meet with gay people, and hear our stories. Think of your own sins before you start telling us ours.


    • I think you missed Dreher’s primary point reading into rather than reading it. And you certainly read into me numerous things not even mentioned in the post. And silly sarcasm aside, Fox News is noted in the category below. I am willing to dialogue with anyone as long as the exchange is based on rational and objective information, I am not at all interested in emotionally charged conversation.


      • I take your objection, and am happy to exchange rational and objective information. Your post begins “sick and tired”- it is emotionally charged from the beginning. Then it says that “There is zero chance that anything that reflects negatively on gay culture or the gay experience will be aired in the mainstream news media.” Clearly false, Fox News is happy with anti-gay propaganda.

        What is the serious point, apart from the fact that he sees himself as a victim, persecuted when he says what he believes, and without people who say the same on the “mainstream media”?

        If we take the emotion out of what you have quoted and said that you believed, it is an assertion that the Catholic child abuse scandal was caused by cliques of gay people in the priesthood, but that this could not be said publicly because of vilification that would ensue. Whereas, the RC church has always persecuted gay people just as much as the Evangelical churches have. It makes the general point that the media say nothing which reflects negatively on gay culture and the gay experience. Again, what about Fox News?

        If you take the emotion out of what you have quoted, it is one general and one specific falsehood. What “rational and objective information” will you produce, backing it up?

        Your radio ministry may be local rather than “mainstream” media, but have you ever criticised the gay lifestyle there? You might not have been allowed to go as far as you wished, but have you ever said anything to criticise gay culture over the radio?


  2. Another point. If the priests who covered up the sex abuse scandal, some now cardinals, were mostly gay, remember that they had and have to keep quiet about it. You cannot judge how gay people will behave when free, from how gay people behave under persecution, where their sexuality, a huge part of the human personality and innate not chosen, has to be suppressed or they will be disgraced, sacked and ruined. Persecuted people behave in twisted ways. Free people behave in creative ways.


    • Steve Cornell says:

      You continue to miss his main point by a reactionary reading into what he said based on a preconcieved agenda. Please go back and read it again without the bias.


  3. Alternatively, I tend to think that the Huffington Post tells the truth about gay people, particularly its “Gay voices” page. I know that we disagree on that. I am not so sure about CNN, I watch BBC. But Faux News reports stories hostile to gay people, for example http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/06/12/study-finds-host-challenges-for-kids-gay-parents/ . Whether or not the article is worthwhile, whether or not the study it reports is biased, can we agree that there is a US national media channel which reports stories hostile to gay people? Or do you think that the article is part of the Liberal pro-gay agenda?


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