Announcing a Sabbatical

As of tomorrow, I will be on a three-month sabbatical. After my 20th year with our Church, I went on a one month sabbatical. On the first day of that time, some people very dear to me faced a severe family crisis. Although it changed the nature of my sabbatical, I am deeply grateful that I was providentially available to spend quality time with them as they walked through a great trial. You can read that story here

Since I’ve served now at our present Church for 27 years without a significant sabbatical, our elder team has extended this time to me for a combination of rest and refreshment with the desire that I will be able to complete the book I am writing. I do not currently have any travel planned during this time but hope I can locate a nice place near a beach for a little time away. 

One qualification to this time is that I will fill the pulpit of our Church for half of the summer. These messages will be based on a class I normally teach each summer (A Biblical View of the Church). Since the material is very familiar, I will not be under any pressure for preparation. I am also scheduled to speak at a conference at America’s Keswick in July (22-27). 

Lancaster Bible College (8 miles from us) has graciously provided an office for me to use for the book project. I am excited to have three months of uninterrupted focus. Please pray for me to be able to finish the book. Although I will not be available for pastoral meetings, I told our Church that notes of encouragement are welcome along with Starbucks cards as the book project will require a lot of coffee! 

Steve Cornell

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One Response to Announcing a Sabbatical

  1. nicholas yang says:

    Pastor Steve,

    that’s wonderful! Our Pastor just started on a 3-month sabbatical. what an amazing coincidence!

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