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Pro-choice and pro-life? On abortion, Americans say ‘it’s complicated.’

Last week, Gallup released new data that, at first glance, appeared to show a significant change in Americans’ perspectives on abortion. The number of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” has dropped six points since last July, from 47 percent to 41 percent, while half (50 percent) of Americans identify as “pro-life.”

Strong majorities of Americans say that abortion should be legal if the pregnant woman’s physical (86 percent) or mental (74 percent) health is seriously endangered by the pregnancy, if the woman became pregnant as a result of rape (79 percent), or if there is a serious chance of defect in the baby (66 percent). But fewer than 4-in-10 (39 percent) agree that a pregnant woman should be able to obtain a legal abortion if the principal reason for her choice is that she is not married and does not want to marry the man.

Massive religious liberty lawsuit, minor broadcast coverage

43 Catholic dioceses, schools, hospitals, social service agencies and other institutions issue one of the largest religious lawsuits in American history.

Notre Dame files legal challenge to HHS mandate

The University of Notre Dame filed a lawsuit Monday (May 21) challenging the constitutionality of a federal regulation that requires religious organizations to provide, pay for, and/or facilitate insurance coverage for services that violate the teachings of the Catholic Church.

“We do not seek to impose our religious beliefs on others; we simply ask that the government not impose its values on the university when those values conflict with our religious teachings,” (University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C.)

 Plotting about “religious liberty”

Some news organizations are working in their editorials and opinion pieces (if not elsewhere) — to downplaydenigrate or outright dismiss the religious liberty concerns some Americans have expressed recently.

Poll: Gay Marriage Opposition Drops — Politico

According to a Washington Post-ABC News survey 4 in 10 Americans said they are opposed to the legalization of gay marriage.

Survey: Nearly Half of Americans Lost Relative or Friend to War

45 percent of Americans said they have had a friend or relative who died while serving the country.

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