Abortion and Health Care for Women

Does it upset you when people politicize the health and safety of women?

Perhaps the Obama Administration didn’t calculate the controversy when refusing religious organizations exemption from purchasing health insurance that covers abortion related drugs and procedures. But to argue for their position as supporting health care for women is inexcusable.

Have they interviewed any women who have had an abortion?

The medical effects of abortion and post-abortion stress disorder are well-documented. In a congressional hearing on the impact of abortion, psychologist Wanda Franz stated, “Women who report negative after-effects from abortion know exactly what their problem is. They report horrible nightmares of children calling them from trash cans, of body parts, and blood. When they are reminded of the abortion, the women re-experienced it with terrible psychological pain … They feel worthless and victimized because they failed at the most natural of human activities — the role of being a mother.”

Many women battle long-term emotional and psychological damage over their profound regret about getting an abortion. For abortion proponents to attribute these effects to some form of religiously induced guilt is to trivialize the trauma these women endure.

It’s not surprising that the greatest support for women facing post-abortion issues comes from pro-life ministries. These ministries treat seriously the feelings of women rather than trivialize them.

How long will we be duped by politically motivated deception? Defending abortion should never be associated with protecting women’s health.

Organization like Planned Parenthood (while prospering on the abortion industry) intentionally deceive people about the traumatic effects of abortion. The procedure of abortion (and its after-effects) is not about the health and safety of women. It’s about a culture of convenience, self-absorption and money.

We need laws that compassionately protect both the women facing unplanned pregnancies and their babies. But such laws will be viewed as extreme until we accept the truth that induced abortion is both detrimental to the health of women and that the occupant of a mother’s womb is a human life with the potential of becoming a mature human being. 

Steve Cornell

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6 Responses to Abortion and Health Care for Women

  1. Matt says:

    “We need laws that compassionately protect both the women facing unplanned pregnancies and their babies. But such laws will be viewed as extreme until we accept the truth that induced abortion is both detrimental to the health of women and that the occupant of a mother’s womb is a human life with the potential of becoming a mature human being.”

    Well said!


  2. I’m sorry to even partly disagree Pastor Steve, because I know you are compassionate and you mean well. Abortion is a terrible tragedy for any woman to have to face. However, until we in this country promote better knowledge about the processes and consequences of having sex, and make contraceptives (among the cheapest of all medications) available without hurdles, then too many women will get pregnant who are unable, unwilling or unqualified to raise a child, and our adoption system is inadequate to handle it. Planned Parenthood isn’t even close to being the enemy. They provide information and referrals, and examination services relevant to all aspects of women’s health, a small portion of which happens to be for abortions. If people really learned to plan their parenthood, there would never need to BE abortions.

    For four decades I have volunteered at crisis intervention centers and information and referral sites. I have had to refer pregnant teens who were raped by relatives, date-raped, and SO many who really had no idea that what they did could even get them pregnant. The ignorance is staggering to encounter. A number come from homes where the fathers are physically abusive. To send them back into such a home to carry a pregnancy to term means to place them in danger of their lives, and having made that mistake early in my work, I won’t do it again. It’s one thing if the girl can produce a “billion dollar baby” – a healthy white infant, because that child will be desirable for adoption if placed. But too many of these are children of color, and it makes it much harder to place them not only because of racism but confusing state laws that make it difficult to place with families of different races, or in the homes of monogamous same-sex couples. Unfortunately, too many of the children are (or would be) born unhealthy from various STDs and congenital defects due to drug use by the mothers. The majority of these children will not be adoptable at all, and will grow up in foster care.

    Until we as a nation learn to face facts and manage the consequences of our ignorance and the repression of unbiased information about sex, there will be too many unplanned, unwanted pregnancies, and there will be a need for abortion.


    • Susie says:

      My cousins had to wait 10 years to adopt a child of ANY color. The only hurdle stopping AA babies from being adopted is liberal groups of AA social workers wildren shho believe AA should not be placed with Caucasian parents.


      • Social workers act according to the laws of their locale, whatever their personal politics are. In a kind of obtuse way, you’ve made my point. The adoption system has been overwhelmed for many years.


  3. I have to wonder what percentage of those “counseling” women to have an abortion actually went through that horror themselves. Not many, I surmise. If they did they would eat the vast majority of their words. From my own trauma to those I have spoken to (which are many), it never, EVER, leaves you. When “wanted” children come along, the reality and finality of that decision really come home to roost. It does nothing but reopen the wound upon hearing how Planned Parenthood is also profiting off of the body parts of our dead children.
    I may have had counseling. I may have been forgiven. I may even forgive myself. But 35 years plus later, I can still only skim articles about abortion. And when the latest horror of selling fetal parts was reported, I had to cry out for someone to change the channel. Thank you for your compassion Pastor Steve. You are correct in speaking out for the vast majority of those who suffer in silence, on both sides of the womb.


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