My top 10 posts

For those interested, I am giving this

small 2011 report on

Wisdom for Life

Check out each one  

  1. The Most Violent Century of Human History                       4000 views 
  2. Ten principles for godly decisions                                              3600 views 
  3. What does “postmodern” mean?                                                   3500 views 
  4. Seven signs of true repentance                                                      3400 views 
  5. What does the Spirit-filled life look like?                                 3350 views 
  6. Forgiveness is one thing; Reconciliation, another            3300 views
  7. Warning to Church hoppers and pastors                                 3300 views   
  8. Facebook photos: the good, the bad and the ugly      3200 views
  9. Resolving Conflict: Two principles                                        3000 views
  10. Does God control everything?                                                    2700 views


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Just another worker in God's field.
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2 Responses to My top 10 posts

  1. Tom says:

    I am curious how this top ten was determined … by how many responses/comments there were ? or simply the amount of viewers ? These blogs are not all from 2011 are they ?
    Personally I have followed most of the blogs and found them very helpful and informative, I appreciate your effort at presenting emphasis on core issues that need the attention of ‘us’ christians, especially in the arena of reconciliation.

  2. WordPress keeps track of the number of unique visits on each post. The 10 posts were not all originally written in 2011. My original intent (several years) ago was not to post articles with viewers in mind but as a common place to edit and categorize the many things I had written. I was somewhat unaware of how the blogosphere worked when I started. Since then, to my surprise and gratitude, a good number of people have followed my blog. I thought that an update might be desirable for some. Thanks for asking and for reading!

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