7 point strategy to redefine sexuality and marriage

For several decades, the public has been repeatedly subjected to an irrational manipulation of words to promote the sexual lifestyle of 2 percent of the nation — those who prefer same gender sex.

The seven points below survey the deceptive distortions of truth used to change the way the public thinks about sexuality and marriage. By exposing this agenda, I do not desire to hurt those who genuinely struggle, but to encourage more honest and rational dialogue. 

  1. Using the language of civil rights: For several decades we’ve heard increased association of gay rights with battles for racial and gender equality. A desire for homosexual sex (we’re told) is an inborn condition, not a choice. Although based on a false comparison and without scientific support, the aim is to get the public to view gays and lesbians as they would people of race. If successful, those who morally oppose gay marriage will be viewed as hateful racists who oppose the civil rights of an oppressed minority.
  2. Using accusations of hate and irrational fear: The goal has been to convince the public that opponents of gay marriage are bigoted hate-mongers with irrational phobias. They are homophobic and full of venomous prejudice. People are not permitted to see things differently. They are not free to choose a moral position on homosexual conduct. The agenda is in overdrive to portray anyone who does not endorse the gay lifestyle as irrational religious fanatics who threaten civility. Supporters of traditional marriage are presented as dangerous people who cling to bigoted ancient laws of a by-gone era.
  3. Exposing heterosexual hypocrisy: Attention is drawn to marriage as a failing institution among heterosexuals. This is partly done to make Christians appear to be hypocritical for opposing gay marriage when they have their own marriage crisis. It’s simply an effort to silence opposition to gay marriage. It also assumes that gay marriage will improve the marriage scene.
  4. Using the language of justice: In a twisted way, radical gay activists portray opponents of gay marriage as perpetrators of injustice. They are accused of inequity for denying loving people the opportunities to have the same rights and freedoms others enjoy. The laws that protect all citizens are sufficient but gay activists demand special laws for their lifestyle choices.
  5. Using the language of religion: Connecting gay rights to religious freedom and claiming God’s approval of gay relationships is another tactic. They scold us for failing to understand that religion is about love and tolerance. Although every major faith for most of history denounced homosexual behavior, they suggest that it’s the view of a fringe group of fundamentalists. They even deceptively portray Jesus as favoring gay marriage based on a supposed argument from silence (see: Matthew 19:3-9).
  6. Playing the victim card: Every crime or death that can be connected in any measure to opposition to homosexuality is used to demand special laws to protect them from violence. They want us to believe that all opposition to gay marriage incites hate and violence, even causing suicides. This has played on the gullibility of Christians and silenced too many of them.
  7. Using judicial coercion: Since State after State has approved constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage, radical gay activists bully Americans into acceptance of gay marriage by judicial force. In Massachusetts four justices unilaterally imposed their acceptance of gay marriage on the entire state (even though surveys indicated that the majority of residents did not favor gay marriage).

All of these tactics have been used to pressure the public to accept and celebrate homosexual lifestyles as normal. Our country is being coerced to create special status for the sexual choices of a small percentage of citizens. A vigorous return to truth is needed. We must not fall for the unproven hypothesis that being gay is something comparable to race and gender.

Homosexuality is about the sex people are choosing, not unalterable conditions of birth. In our nation, those who prefer homosexuality are free as consenting adults to engage in the behavior. If treated wrongfully for their choices, they have the same laws to protect them that cover the rest of society. Are we prepared to make the kind of sex people desire a new civil rights issue?

This is not about discrimination—unless we want to extend civil rights status to every sexual lifestyle people choose. Discrimination, of the civil rights kind, injures people for what they are by nature not for the sex they desire.

Like many other pastors, I invest large amounts of time in preventative, interventional and restorative efforts to build strong marriages. A radical redefinition of the institution of marriage and family must not be supported. Jesus Christ validated the words that have been the foundation for marriage since the beginning of our nation: “…at the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’” (Matthew 19:4-5).

Steve Cornell

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7 Responses to 7 point strategy to redefine sexuality and marriage

  1. RAS says:

    Seven deceptive and/or false strategies have been used to mislead people to support or at least to allow for homosexuals to “marry”. This is a counterfeit of real marriage, i.e. it is a worthless substitute for genuine marriage. And like any counterfeit it debases the value of the genuine thing.

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  3. Neil says:

    What a horribly ignorant post. Bashing people because they don’t fit your puritan fundamentalist definition of acceptable: what a horrible and destructive lifestyle choice. Truly unChristian.

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  5. Sookie Stackhouse says:

    Christians are so hypocrite…

    Yes,you hate homosexuals,and yes,you try to justify that hate with the false idea it is a choice…

    Ask to a young man or woman,who think about suicide because he is gay,if he choose it??

    Nasty religious haters….Hopefully,the society change,with or without you!!!

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