Quotes worth discussing

Why did God create us?

“I think we may safely assume that God wasn’t bored. God wasn’t necessarily a venture capitalist, looking for a risky investment such as the human race. We may also assume that God wasn’t lonely. No one said, “It’s not good for God to be alone. So let there be galaxies and jackrabbits and widemouth bass.”

“It’s true that God cannot be God without relationships, but it doesn’t follow that God needs a world in order to have them. After all, God has the endless dance of life within the holy Trinity, the ceaseless exchange of vitality, the infinite expanse of Spirit upon Spirit in superlative, triplicate consciousness.”

“To speak plainly, from eternity God has had a communal life and didn’t need to create a world to get one. Nothing internal or external to the Trinity compelled God to create.”

“But if creation is not necessary for God, neither is it an accident or a whim—as if God were doodling one day with a cosmic magic marker, drawing stick men and stick women to idle away a few thousand years of eternity, then sighed enormously and discovered to his amazement that the figures were starting to swell and stir with the breath of life!”

“Creation is neither a necessity nor an accident. Instead, given God’s interior life that overflows with regard for others, we might say creation is an act that was fitting for God.” (Cornelius Plantinga Jr.)

Human nature:

“When the anthropology of a system of thought, its picture of human nature goes wrong, then everything else goes wrong” (Paul F. M. Zahl, Grace in Practice).

“If everything evolved randomly and there really is no overarching reality of a moral God, than everything really is equal–a boy is a tree is a dog. Thus, any imposed social construction that assumes a ‘natural order,’ a hierarchy or separate identity would indeed be a form of bullying–a hate crime” (Ferd).

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