Big enough for faith and doubt

Because there is such an intrinsic connection between faith and doubt, the Church ought to be big enough to contain both sympathetically. This is the kind of theological magnanimity that is important for itself, but it is also important for secondary reasons. Since it is possible to believe and to doubt for the wrong reasons as well as the right ones, and we don’t always know the one from the other, we need the constant challenge of the other tendency to keep us honest. This will make life uncomfortable, of course, but the work of our purgation demands it.”

“Growth is painful, but no element in our nature is exempt from the process of  sanctification. The Church….should be as inclusive as possible. It should be big enough to hold Thomas the empiricist, as well as John the mystic, and Peter, who was often baffled and confused…..the paradox of justification by faith is that it is God’s faith in us that ultimately matters, and not our faith in God. There is a faith beyond faith, which is deeper than trust in our own trustfulness and is an abandonment to the ultimate graciousness of the universe….This is the trust beyond trust that says ‘yes’ even to the night. It is close to the dereliction of Good Friday….” (by Richard Holloway)*Light - and Dark....

Note: It’s far better to change “God’s faith in us that ultimately matters” to “God’s faith given to us that ultimately matters.

* I enjoy reading Holloway because he is a deep thinker (albeit with some really strange conclusions at times). Sadly, he often falls short of faithfulness to biblical truth. He appears to desire to find a way to claim some measure of adherence to the bible without coming under its sweeping claims. To do this, he hides behind interpretive shields or the “I just see things differently” excuse.

Steve Cornell

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