Mosque controversy: intolerance roulette


I like the way Michael Gerson thinks. His piece: “In mosque controversies, some Christians undermine their own faith” is a good example. Although he is not covering all the details regarding the NYC mosque controversy (and much more must be raised about Islam), he offers some very probing points. For example, consider his suggestion that: “The Christian fundamentalist view of Islam bears a striking resemblance to the New York Times’ view of Christian fundamentalism — a simplistic emphasis on the worst elements of a complex religious tradition.”

Gerson also suggests that, “Christian fundamentalists who undermine religious liberty in order to target Muslims are playing a game of intolerance roulette.”

For the entire column:

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1 Response to Mosque controversy: intolerance roulette

  1. Rita says:

    Michael Gerson needs to do some research on muslim Qu’ran followers/Allah believer’s……..I decided to get the real facts on what all the muslim’s/mosque-place where all islamic muslim’s can go to meet and because they all know the Qu’ran by memory(yes, they do) they pray to Allah……..NO Allah is not the same as our loving/real bible teaching-faith/hope/charity God! See, this group of muslims in America are here to learn the ways of Americans, mislead/lure in our weak/angry americans into their mosque’s and hopefully win them over…… quickly/quietly bring in more muslim’s and buy our lands/business’s/build more mosque—with the end plan all the time in play AND THAT IS so the islamic muslim terrorists (who by the way are the same group as the so called anti-terrorist muslims already here…they are different from each other at the present–it’s all in the Qu’ran teachings American people!! The terrorists are the islamic muslim’s that are the chosen warriors/fighters for Allah—to fight and kill all Americans who do not believe in their Allah or Qu’ran teachings, who they proclaim attacked them first. Then, when the terrorists have won……….they will come to America to reunite/join the islamic muslim’s here only after they have killed all the American non-believer’s of Allah………YES—they all together see us as the enemy and they want to take control of our country and any other lands that do not follow the Qu’ran teachings or believe in Allah!! Now I ask you-do we back off, let them continue to build those mosque’s/especially the one they want at the site of ground zero—–so they can make a mockery of us and the innocent American’s that their terrorist brothers killed??? I say we need to stop this crap NOW………go Florida–burn all the Qu’ran’s you can and high five to Tennessee for burning the mosque—at least we have some of our homeland American born God fearing people standing up to the enemies at hand and letting them know—we are not going to be silent anymore…….this is our land/our nation under God–NOT Allah…….we do NOT believe in terrorist ways/acts because innocent people do not share our love of America/Americans…….We are not afraid of any of you—you are all cowardly terrorists in your sick minds! We the American people will go down fighting for our land/family/freedom/country/God almighty…………you are such cowards you lie about what you are really up to……..lie about not being connected to the terrorists brothers of yours. I remember 9/11 terrorist attack on America……..I saw how you celebrated a few blocks down from it……..I vowed then that I would join hands/arms with my American born families and never allow you cowardly islamic muslim Allah – followers of evil get away with such evil attacks again. NEVER think you can out number us or tell yourselves we are a weak and failing country/people………..we are tired of your kind, we are going to take back our land/secure our borders and we want our fine military men and women brought home to secure our homeland……….If you don’t love America and American’s…… need to get out while the gettin is good…..One saying I do believe “Evil flourishs when good men and women do nothing!” I am one American born, God fearing/loving texas gal that was blessed with natural instincts—the gift of the ability to know/read people………profile behavior and feel evil when it is near. When you close your eyes to sleep—be careful because our God is looking you in the face…….and being a loving God that he is, I know he also shared our pain and tears when the evil terrorists attacked us on 9/11. This coming Saturday, be still and listen and watch…………

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