Reforming the Church

be-the-church--blue_2265_1024x768It is good to be willing to innovate and adapt for the sake of the gospel but, “when sociological reality is taken as the given to which church strategy and tactics must adjust, the church is in danger of becoming market-driven in an attempt to create a particularly attractive religious boutique to which all (or all within an identifiable market niche) are welcome and within which a variety of goods and services must be offered for personal choice.” (Joseph D. Small)

According to John Calvin reform of the church is based on the three pillars of

  1. Doctrine
  2. Administering the sacraments
  3. Governing the church

If the church was to be restored to faithfulness, three things were required…

  1. Attention to the truth of the gospel
  2. Attention to worship centered in the grace of the lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit
  3. Attention to the disciplined life of the community of faith

Calvin was also clear that ministry—the pastoral office—is essential to the revival and maintenance of the church’s faithful theology, worship, and order.

“For neither the light and heat of the sun, nor food and drink, are so necessary to nourish and sustain the present life, as the apostolic and pastoral office is necessary to preserve the church on earth.” Calvin

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