Youngest wins Tournament MVP

Our youngest son, Sam, following in the footsteps of his brother Seth, has been a four year varsity point guard for his quad A high school. Last night he was honored with MVP for his holiday tournament. This was extra special because Sam has played such unselfish basketball. He finds great satisfaction in getting others open for good shots and being a true point guard. Although Newspapers only highlight points scored, he has not let that bother him. He is always assigned the toughest defensive role and must lead the team from the point. He loves the game and loves making those around him better. I am very proud of him and blessed to see him receive a little honor. Here is a news story about the tournament:

News release:

“We talked about keeping the Cornell kid out of the lane,” Schmehl said of the final possession. “We thought if we could do that, it would be some sort of perimeter shot that would beat us, and we like our chances there.” The senior,who finished with 11 points and tournament MVP honors, said he was supposed to come off a pick and find a shooter on the last play. But after some Red Lion pressure, the ball popped free to Cornell, who had no alternative but to drive toward to the basket. He drove between a slew of defenders, hung in the air to create space and flipped the ball off the backboard. The shot kicked around the rim, hung for an agonizing moment or two, and then dropped through.”I just saw a gap and drove in,” said Cornell…

The whole story:

Steve Cornell

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