Are Europeans living in reality?

According to the Transatlantic Trends Survey:

“Europeans and Americans disagree on what to do about Iran. If diplomatic efforts would fail to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, a majority of people in the European Union (53%) would increase diplomatic pressure on Iran, but rule out the use of military force. Americans (47%) favor increasing diplomatic pressure on Iran, while maintaining the option of resorting to force. Republicans (57%) and Independents (49%) are much more likely than Democrats (36%) to want to maintain a military option in dealing with Tehran. Moscow’s behavior toward its neighbors is a growing concern among the NATO allies. In 2009, seven-in-ten Europeans (70%) favor the European Union providing security assistance for emerging democracies such as Ukraine and Georgia. And a majority of Americans (68%) back Washington taking similar action. Strong majorities of NATO members (62%) and Americans (66%) favor NATO providing such assistance.”

Let’s see. How do you oppose military options in one place and ask for “security assistance” in another? What if security assistance must come in the form of a military option in either place? After reading this survey, I really wonder if most Europeans and many of their democratic counter parts in the US live in reality. Group hugs and love chats with Iran? Please. They are laughing in our faces as they prepare a knife for our backs. Wake up!

Steve Cornell

see: Answering questions about war:

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