The murder of abortionist George Tiller

The Fetus II by .Amir

“On Sunday, May 31, 2009, we were robbed when George Tiller was gunned down by a coward. Jeanne Tiller was robbed of her husband of many decades.  Their children were robbed of their father. Their ten grandchildren were robbed of their grandpa. I cannot imagine the shock and grief in their lives today. George Tiller himself was robbed of his life. He was robbed of one last chance of repentance before he stands before God at the final judgment.”

“America was robbed of the nonviolent and more civil course which the abortion debate had taken over the past ten-or-so years. Pro-Lifers are winning the minds and hearts of Americans. The abortion rate is way down. The percentage of those who call themselves ‘pro-life’ is way up. But now what? The hard-line pro-abortion lobby has already started to capitalize on this shooting.”

“And I’m afraid the shooting will rob us of the truth itself.  Tiller will be transformed from pariah to ‘martyred saint.’  We’ll hear the unchallenged claim that ‘Tiller performed late-term abortions only in the gravest of circumstances’, when he performed late-term abortions for very trivial reasons. We’ll hear how ‘caring, kind, and gentle’ Tiller was toward his patients, when many of Tiller’s former patients tell brutal stories that still make me cringe after I’ve read them dozens of times. We’ll hear how ‘safe’ abortion was at Tiller’s clinic when the truth brings that to question. Those of us who stand against the violence of abortion and stand against violence aimed at abortionists will be shouted down and impugned and lumped together with the ‘justifiable homicide’ creeps.”

The above paragraphs are posted on a web site dedicated to the life, words and actions of the most notorious abortionist in America. Tiller was infamous for his willingness to perform late-term abortions– for almost any reason. His actions and words are profoundly disturbing. If we choose to call his killer a terrorist, honesty requires us to call him a monster. How could he possibly take the lives of thousands of babies and cloak it as health care for women? His actual words, policies and practices were so horrific and evil that I am deeply ashamed to know that he operated with the permission of our legal system. If you doubt this, do a little research of the well-documented evidence of this man’s words and actions. Read the actual testimonies of those who were his patients. Be honest enough to face the hard truth about this man’s destruction of human life.

The scientific evidence that abortion is the taking of human life simply cannot be denied. I find it ironic that those who deny such overwhelming evidence often pride themselves on being progressive and on their commitment to advancements in science. This is dishonesty and hypocrisy. Sadly, it is driven by cowardice that bends to perceived political correctness. But if the social code of acceptance requires such dishonesty, I would rather not be accepted.

This being said, I believe the murder of abortionist George Tiller was wrong. It contradicts everything pro-life people are committed to. Violence outside of the womb should not be used to end violence committed in the womb.

Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offers wise commentary: “Dr. Tiller’s murderer did not serve the cause of life; he assaulted that cause at its moral core. The sanctity of human life and our duty to defend the innocent comes within a context of respect for the rule of law and the acknowledgment that it is the duty of government to use its own means to protect life and to serve justice.  Nothing in the Christian moral tradition justifies the act of murdering an abortionist.  There is no justification for taking the law into our own hands and arrogating to ourselves the rightful role of government as exercised through its laws, courts, and institutions of state.”

“There is no justification for this murder, and it is the responsibility of everyone who cherishes life and honors human dignity to declare this without equivocation or hesitation.”

“For years now, this great nation has been engaged in a great and heart-rending debate over abortion.  For the first time since Roe v Wade, polls now indicate that a majority of Americans are pro-life.  This issue is far from settled, but even as the pro-life movement seeks to work within the political process in defense of life, our greater task is to reach hearts and minds toward the goal that no woman would seek an abortion.  The murder in Wichita makes that challenge more difficult.”

“The horrible lesson of Wichita is this: Those who would use violence do not serve the Culture of Life. They are agents of the Culture of Death.”

MSNBC shameless on murder of Tiller

MSNBC’s commentator, Keith Olbermann shamelessly and illogically used the murder of abortionist George Tiller to attack and condemn Fox News. 99.9 percent of the pro-life community condemns the murder of abortionist doctors. But they equally condemn the horrific murders committed by abortionists doctors. The wrongful murder of Tiller should not be used to minimize the murders of countless pre-born babies by this man. MSNBC’s other commentator, Rachel Maddow, couldn’t resist the opportunity to shamelessly politicize the murder of Tiller. Is this why the ratings at MSNBC are in the basement? Please, you can do better than this.

Steve Cornell

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