Lessons on Leadership:

3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept by lumaxartBy Steve Cornell

If good is good enough, don’t follow this advic

To lead people from being good to being great requires inspiration. Good leaders inspire others toward greatness through their leadership style. Rarely is this accomplished through a negative and discouraging leadership style (often a mistake of younger leaders).  Seasoned and successful leaders realize that a failure to inspire confidence in those under their leadership is a failure of true leadership. When a leader uses emotional anger and venting on those under his/her leadership, it rarely inspires greatness.  Those under him/her tend to tune out the angry and irrational comments. People simply will not rise to greatness under such leadership. If good is good enough, don’t follow this advice.

Sometimes leaders have to make unpopular decisions and stick to them against the odds.  But these should be very well thought out decisions not reactionary ones. Sometimes leaders will be misread as negative when this is not their intention. But these exceptions do not justify a negative leadership style that tears people down rather than building them up. If you lead youth this is especially important. Youth are very impressionable and will be influenced by your leadership style—for better or for worse. Let’s stick to the path that inspires confidence based on appreciation and leads to greatness in the lives of those under our leadership. It’s worth the effort. The rewards are passed on for many generations. But—If good is good enough, don’t follow this advice.

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