Five questions worth asking

16681-shutterstock_90113023When we meet someone, we usually ask the familair question, “So, what do you do?”

  • Answer – “Oh, I am a doctor or a farmer or a lawyer or a plumber or a pastor….”

Our answers to this common question lead to much deeper issues.

People tend to place much of their purpose, value, and identity in their occupation, in what they do. But perhaps we settle for a limited view of ourselves because of the way the culture defines things.

The truth is that no matter what we do to earn a living or to keep our homes, we have a calling that is greater, one that ultimately reaches beyond this life into eternity.

We are called to an indispensably necessary role in the world. Our Lord identified us as salt to the earth and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-16).

Evaluate your life – in the context of this higher calling.

Consider five major life-questions based on the teaching of our Lord in Matthew 5:3-16.

An understanding of our role as salt of the earth and light of the World has bearing on four of the five questions.

The fourth question is defined by the eight beatitudes Jesus used to describe traits of his true followers (Matthew 5:3-12). These are descriptions of those who have God’s approval (i.e. are “blessed”). They are the ones to whom heaven belongs (v.3).

The order of Matthew 5:3-12 followed by vv. 13-16 teaches us that character comes before influence.

  1.   Purpose: Why am I here?
  2.   Value: What defines my importance?
  3.   Identity: Who am I?
  4.   Character: What qualities define my life? (vv. 1-12)
  5.   Influence: How should my life affect others?

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