Postmodernity and Genesis 1-4

By Steve Cornell

A compelling example of the connection between the Bible and the human story is found in the original consequences to human rebellion against the Creator. Recorded in Genesis 3, seven consequences emerge and each one affects a major area of human existence. Each one also provides a background to the primary occupational majors chosen at  our Universities. They included:

1.     Physiological: death, decay, sickness and suffering

2.     Psychological: shame, guilt, fear

3.     Sociological: blame shifting, alienation

4.     Ecological: ground is cursed, thorns and thistles

5.     Spiritual: hiding from God, enmity: seed of woman & seed of Serpent

6.     Epistemological: distorted thinking, spiritual blindness (II Cor. 4:3-4)

7.     Criminal: Genesis 4—Murder!

Colleges offer major areas of study related to each of the seven categories (e.g. doctors, psychologists, sociologists, environmentalists, ministers, philosophers, law enforcement). The primary problems of humanity trace back to the Biblical narrative. This is not a time to de-emphasize the sweeping claims of the Bible. The message of the Bible is what is needed most for those who are lost in a postmodern world.

Steve Cornell

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