Homosexuality: No choice; No tolerance

  • Choice?
  • Tolerance?

These words don’t apply if you do not support the homosexual lifestyle.

And no matter how compassionate and logical, any words spoken publicly against homosexuality are not permitted. Speak against homosexuality and you’ll be maligned as a bigoted, hate-monger with a homophobic condition.

Homosexual activists are close to achieving their goal of normalizing their lifestyle in society. But they’re not finished. The radical activists want to force their lifestyle on you. They want your children to see the “gay way” as a choice equal with heterosexual relationships. They want school curriculum to teach this to your children.

Don’t be fooled. They don’t want tolerance. They want full endorsement — or else! 

If you do not fully endorse gay marriage and homosexual behavior, at the very least, you will be told to keep your opinion to yourself. If you actively resist the agenda, you will be labeled a homophobic, small-minded bigot. 

I’ve been writing thoughtfully and compassionately about homosexual behavior for many years. Responses to my letters in The Boston Globe and the San Francisco Examiner reveal a disturbing and consistent pattern. One reader (from San Francisco) referred to my beliefs as  “deviant and small minded.” He also told me (in the spirit of tolerance, of course) to keep my viewpoint to myself. Then he characterized my view as “a despicable message of hate and divisiveness.” This response is painfully predictable. There is no thoughtful analysis of my view. Only name calling. More importantly, unless my viewpoint fully approves the homosexual agenda, I am told to keep my mouth shut. 

Ironically, I have received more hate-mail on this subject than any other.  Only occasionally do I receive thoughtful responses. Many letters I receive come unsigned and full of venom. I have been called a hate-monger, a homophobic religious bigot, and other names inappropriate for publication. One point that is made repeatedly is that my view should be kept to myself and other “small minded people like me.” By implication, only one viewpoint about homosexuality should be heard—the affirming one. All others are unworthy.

This is intriguing. Those who chose the homosexual lifestyle use to repeatedly say, “All we want is to be left alone to live the way we desire.” Obviously, this is not all they want. A manipulative tool used by homosexual activists (on an undiscerning public) has been a comparison of their agenda with civil rights causes of the past.

As the gay marriage debate escalates, we will repeatedly hear comparisons between inter-racial marriage and gay marriage. This is a false comparison. But they will continue to insist that you buy the line that homosexuals are an oppressed minority group.

It is a dangerous error (and an offense to real minorities) to compare homosexuals with previous groups that fought for civil rights. Wrongful discrimination (in actual civil rights cases) injures people for what they are by nature not for their sexual preferences. If we start protecting lifestyles from discrimination, we will find ourselves on a slippery slope. Others will line up and demand special protection and provision for their lifestyles.

Although we have laws to protect human rights for all people, activist homosexuals want special laws—to protect their way of life. Simply put, homosexuality is behavior people choose. Two men could live together and deeply care for each other without being homosexual. Homosexuality only becomes part of the equation when they commit sexual acts with each other.  As a result, “homosexual” refers not to one’s disposition or desire but rather to one’s behavior.

Although it is possible that some struggle with sinful sexual desire due to biological inclination or past abuse, these factors should not be used to legitimize their behavior nor define their person. Biological and circumstantial factors can make people vulnerable to many forms of behavior.   

On one level, I cannot withdraw into silence on this issue if I care about society. The endorsement of homosexuality involves significant shifts in societal understanding of marriage, family and sex. History has repeatedly held that any form of support or promotion of homosexual behavior is bad for society. Such behavior has been considered immoral by every civilized group of people throughout human history.

On another level, love compels me to speak because I do not believe that those who practice homosexual behavior genuinely accept that they were meant to live this way. I am not fooled by the voices of radical homosexual activists. If they were honest, they would admit that their efforts are merely a cover up for their frustration, resentment and despair. And deep down inside, they know that changes in legislation or public opinion will not remove the agony they feel.  

The homosexual lifestyle robs people of both dignity and freedom. Court decisions and marriage licenses will not give these people the dignity or freedom they desire. By turning to the God who created them, they can find the true forgiveness and release from guilt that we all need. 

Steve Cornell  




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5 Responses to Homosexuality: No choice; No tolerance

  1. Eric Moon says:

    thank you finally for saying it, i hate being called close minded. i love how we are closed minded for thinking homosexuality is wrong, but the same people can be completely against being a Christian, apparently we do not have the same rights a homosexual does.

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  3. alex says:

    Thank you for speaking truth. The liberal hysteria over those who don’t accept homosexuality as normal has reached a fevered pitch in society. We need more voices like your out there!

  4. David says:

    “I do not believe that those who practice homosexual behavior genuinely accept that they were meant to live this way. I am not fooled by the voices of radical homosexual activists. If they were honest, they would admit that their efforts are merely a cover up for their frustration, resentment and despair. And deep down inside, they know that changes in legislation or public opinion will not remove the agony they feel.”

    As you are (apparently) not gay, you can be excused for not having a clue about how most of us feel on the inside. I am not a “radical…activist”, just a normal gay American, and I have never been happier or more content than I am now. I had “frustration, resentment and despair” while growing up in a Christian home that told me to deny a basic part of myself. Once I accepted who I was, all that tension and agony vanished. But since a happy, well-adjusted homosexual conflicts with what you believe, you are forced to assume that we secretly are filled with self-loathing and despair. Perhaps you are actually speaking for yourself?

  5. thinkpoint says:

    I appreciate your honesty but do not believe you accept that you were meant to behave sexually in a same sex relationship. People who choose to live in a homosexual relationship violate the Creator’s design for them. At a very profound level, this violates human dignity–your dignity. Obviously, you will disagree. I expect that. But I also believe that in the quietness of you conscience, you know I speak the truth. I am not fooled by your profession of moving beyond frustration, resentment and despair. Freedom is possible. “Homosexual” refers not to one’s nature or disposition but to one’s behavior. The exception to this would be the scriptural condemnation of homosexual lust (Romans 1:24-26). For someone tempted by homosexual desire, the answer is not: “You must become heterosexual.” The answer is the same for all sexual temptation: resist temptation and obey God.

    A compelling practical and compassionate reason for my position on these matters is my commitment to a message of hope and my refusal to embrace a message of despair. Because of the Creator’s design, I do not believe that those who practice homosexuality genuinely accept that they were meant to live a gay lifestyle. I do not believe that court decisions and marriage licenses will provide the dignity or freedom desired. But, having said this, I will continue to treat with respect those who choose to disagree with me.

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