Unsatisfied in your marriage?

Marriage cannot satisfy your deepest needs

“The first thing you need to understand for your marriage to work is this simple truth: no human being can meet your deepest needs—only God can. Even the most spiritual person on earth is very mortal and therefore, quite limited. When you put too much hope in a person, you are always headed for disappointment and sometimes even for disaster.” (from: Marriage on the Rock, Jimmy Evans). 

“The fundamental reason marriages fail is because couples lack a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. The prerequisite to loving your spouse with God’s agape love is maintaining a vibrant, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people know about God, have joined the Church, been baptized, but really overlook knowing God personally. Others have become Christians and have a personal relationship with God through Christ, yet lack a vibrant, daily relationship with Him.”(From: “2 Becoming One, God designed marriage, He can make it work” Don & Sally Meridith).

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